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Excel Pilates DC Blog

June 17th
Wishful Thinking Won’t Make You Fit Pilates Profile: Bill Trapmann, Age 65, Retired Economist I’ve been practicing Pilates for slightly more than four years. I practice with regular sessions in the Excel studio at least once a week, except whe…
May 24th
By Sophie Mendelson In recent years, Pilates has become very popular. This program of exercise, which once induced wrinkled brows and a whole slew of creative pronunciations, is now familiar fare to the fitness savvy across the country—and they&rsqu…
November 6th
The Power of Progression Patience and Persistence are the pathways to steady progress in your Pilates workout. The Pilates Method of body conditioning is an in-depth system consisting of over 600 exercises. When the Pilates exercises are taught and learne…
January 2nd
2015 will mark my 20th year of teaching Pilates. This 20-year anniversary causes me to reflect on the beginning of my Pilates journey. 20 years later I am still teaching because I am INSPIRED by this body of work. Joseph … Continue reading →
September 11th
I have been exercising most of my life. As a former athlete, dancer and current Pilates Instructor, my physical abilities always have been front and center in my focus. For most of my life, I have needed to stay in … Continue reading →